Trick or Treat? Scary Facts About the U.S. Sugar Program

Halloween is here again and candy makers and Members of Congress are calling attention to some of the scariest facts about the U.S. sugar program.

In Halloween cards delivered to all U.S. Senators today, Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) highlighted the frightening cost of the U.S. sugar program as the scariest thing about Halloween.

“Halloween provides a disturbing reminder of sugar’s sweet deal,” Sen. Shaheen said.

“It’s time we end this unfair pricing scheme that protects a select few sugar growers unnecessarily,” said Sen. Kirk.

Also out today is an article in The New York Times, titled, “American Candy Makers, Pinched by Inflated Sugar Prices, Look Abroad,” which looks at how some candy makers are forced to consider moving jobs overseas due to sugar price fluctuation and market manipulation — both the result of America’s failed sugar policy.

Not scared yet? Here are three of the scariest facts about the U.S. sugar program:

1. It has cost taxpayers nearly $300 million since July — all to bail out Big Sugar.

2. It puts an estimated 600,000 jobs at risk in all 50 states.

3. It costs consumers and businesses up to $3.5 billion a year.

Even scarier, the House-passed farm bill not only failed to reform the program, but would also make its damaging and costly effects permanent.

Here’s hoping that this scary program will be reformed before next Halloween comes around!

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