Heritage: Be Mine: Sugar Industry Should Welcome Free Trade

In a Valentine’s Day-themed blog post today, The Heritage Foundation’s Ashlee Smith succinctly points out exactly why Congress should reform sugar program as soon as possible this year, writing:

“Valentine’s Day is synonymous with roses, chocolate, and those wonderfully sweet heart-shaped sugar candiesWhat isn’t so sweet about the holiday of love is the ‘love’ that the U.S. sugar program sends to consumers in the form of higher prices and fewer jobs.

“The federal government has been propping up the sugar industry since World War I and sugar farmers are doing everything they can to ensure subsidies and protection policies remain intact.

“The U.S sugar program, included in the farm bill, is a government program creating price supports for American sugar growers. The program places limitations on the amount of sugar that can be imported. Once this limit is exceeded imported sugar faces exorbitant tariffs. Federal limitations on sugar imports force U.S. consumers to pay more per pound than the world sugar price.

“It’s not only sugar prices that are affected. The sugar program leads to higher prices for many products that include sugar like cereal, soda, ketchup, fruit juice, and bread. One study conducted found that the unseen food taxes equate to $3.5 billion in added cost for consumers per year.

“The sugar program isn’t doing a good job of protecting anyone or anything except special-interest groups and inflated prices.”

Read the full blog post here.

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