Economic Studies

Experts continue to talk about the cost of the current U.S. sugar policy for consumers, manufacturers, taxpayers and the environment, but there must be numbers to back up the claims.

This section serves as a resource center for economic research and data on the costs of the U.S. sugar program and the impact on consumers.

Economic Effects of the Sugar Program Since the 2008 Farm Bill & Policy Implications for the 2013 Farm Bill
June 3, 2013
By Tom Earley, Agralytica

Abolish the Costly Sugar Program to Lower Sugar Prices
December 5, 2012
By Bryan Riley, The Heritage Foundation

Response to American Sugar Alliance EU Claims
September 12, 2012
By Coalition for Sugar Reform

Playing Games With Jobs Numbers
July 10, 2012
By Agralytica

The Sugar Lobby’s Sugar Price Misinformation Campaign Continues
July 2012
By Agralytica

ASA’s Imaginary Sugar Price Numbers
June 2012
By Agralytica

The U.S. Sugar Program: Bad for Consumers, Bad for Agriculture, and Bad for America
April 18, 2012
By Bryan Riley, The Heritage Foundation

The Impact of the U.S. Sugar Program
November 2011
By John Beghin and Amani Elobeid, Iowa State University
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U.S. Sugar Policy is Costing Consumers An Extra $4 Billion Annually 
October 2011
By Tom Earley, Promar International

Sweets for the Sweet: The Costly Benefits of the U.S. Sugar Program
July 2011
By Michael K. Wohlgenant, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, North Carolina State University

Employment Changes in U.S. Food Manufacturing: The Impact of Sugar Prices
February 2006
U.S. Department of Commerce

Supporting Sugar Prices Has Increased Users’ Costs While Benefiting Producers
June 2000
U.S. General Accounting Office