How Sugar Subsidies Increase The Cost Of Trick-Or-Treating

Daily Caller
Op-ed By: Justin Sykes, Americans for Tax Reform

Excerpt: This Halloween millions of costumed children and nostalgia-filled parents will once again take to the streets in the annual ritual of trick-or-treating. While kids look forward to dragging home a haul of candy the size of body bag at the end of the night, what most don’t realize is there is a lot more that goes into the cost of those mini Snickers and Baby Ruth’s than just chocolate and caramel.

In fact for years the price of candy in the U.S. has been compromised by crony capitalistic practices that line the pockets of the sugar industry at the expense of American taxpayers and consumers. Currently the Federal Sugar Program imposes price supports, production and import limits, and a grab bag of sweetheart deals that cater strictly to “Big Sugar.”

As alarming as these protectionist policies are, the economic impacts are even worse. These massive handouts to the sugar industry are responsible for increasing the cost of consumer goods such as candy, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, and killing thousands of jobs annually.

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