The Debrief: What Candy Wants

POLITICO’s The Agenda
By: Danny Vinik

An Interview with John Downs Jr., Chairman of the Coalition for Sugar Reform

Question: The U.S. sugar program maintains a minimum price for sugar, providing a subsidy to sugar farmers. Why does the NCA want to tear down these protections?

Answer: At some point in time in the history of our country as it relates to agricultural subsidies, it may have made sense. Over time, if you’ve look at what’s happened in the last decades here in the U.S., it has distorted the free market. With the world price of sugar being so much lower than the price here in the U.S.—I think it’s double the cost for U.S. sugar versus the price for world sugar—that puts a lot of pressure on our small companies. And so what’s happened over the years is that there have been job losses attributable to this.

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