Seizing The Mantle Of Leadership On Sugar Policy Reform

The Hill
Op-ed By: John Downs, Chairman, Coalition for Sugar Reform, and President, National Confectioners Association

Excerpt: Maintaining the status quo on America’s sugar policy is unsustainable and unacceptable. Congress should take any opportunity this year to reform the costly sugar subsidy program, because propping up the sugar-producing industry at the expense of taxpayers, consumers and businesses is the kind of crony capitalism the American people have grown tired of seeing — and frankly, that Washington must aggressively confront.

Because of Depression-era policies preserved by large political donations by sugar producers, the United States is home to some of the highest sugar prices of any major market in the world. Currently, prices of refined sugar in the United States are 58 percent higher than those in the European Union. There are many factors affecting domestic and global sugar prices, but one thing is for sure, if Congress continues to rubber-stamp the flawed sugar subsidy program in farm bill after farm bill, high sugar prices and taxpayer bailouts will continue to dog economic growth in the United States and threaten American jobs.

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